Looks Maternity Expectant Mothers

Looks Maternity mothers-vip? All to be discovered, some times to imitate, and other times, on the contrary, to be avoided. Whether it’s bellies famous overseas, like the Gossip Girl star Blake Lively beautiful, that real fashion setter stars and stripes dictates the trends even while pregnant, to that of our national blonde super mom expecting third child Michelle Hunziker, there really is much to learn about maternity fashion of celebrities.

The earliest examples, to be included among those to be imitated and not to be avoided, are those of US celebrities, the beautiful actresses and singers who in recent months show off with the big belly, in addition to still enviable lines, even respectable outfit. The scepter of queen of the future chicest celebrities moms and fashion it definitely the statuesque beauty star of Gossip Girl and spokesperson for Gucci, Blake Lively and on the red carpet as the streets of New York adopts Maternity look really perfect. Striking clothing and shiny, long and very glamorous to important evenings, dresses and more country chic boots, however, for walks in the city: look different, but with a common denominator style. The following suit, as style queens in proof look even belly actresses Liv Tyler (http://www.ruizesolar.com/2015/12/14/maternity-tights-buying-guides/), who more than once has been photographed on the streets of the Big Apple in great shape and very chic outfits, and Milla Jovovich, icy and ethereal beauty with strict look on the red carpet, and more casual in their free time.

Famossissima quotatissima and starred in many successful films, Mila Kunis, however, in addition to the enviable acting skills and the lovely companion, in terms of maternity fashion has very little: not much care the look and, indeed, more often, you it is left to shoot without make-up with long dresses and shapeless that definitely does not enhance it.

International celebrities who manage to convince even with maternity look, on the red carpet and beyond, are the delicate Kate Middleton that, waiting for the little brother George, adopts from mother-to outfit a really chic, actress Scarlett Johansson and singer Alicia Keys who is not afraid to dare with put in strong colors and sinuous lines, even with the bump. Same boldness, but never excessive, must be recognized in another expectant mother VIPs from overseas, the beautiful actress Hayden Panettiere which does not waive his style lively and feminine even while pregnant.