Louis Vuitton FIFA World Cup Case

Who but Louis Vuitton, could realize a precious reliquary to contain an equally precious cup? It will be the Parisian maison a “dress” with its logo Monogram the coveted World Cup , which will be raised to the sky on 11 July by the strongest team in the world. Four years ago it was the national team to win the trophy after a thrilling championship, do you think who will win this year? Who knows if some fashion enthusiast player aspires particularly well to this beautiful backpack of Baglib.com!

Louis Vuitton has been commissioned to make a special case for the World Cupof South Africa 2010 Football World Cup. A shrine which was handmade by a single craftsman, who has worked for months in the ancient history of the factory workshops at the gates of Paris Asnieres, where even today Louis Vuitton creates unique and exclusive items available only to a lucky few. This shrine monogrammed has been designed meticulously, on purpose to hold the World Cup, about 36 cm high and weighing just over 6 pounds, 18K gold borsata on the pedestal by details malachite green.

Until July 11, the cup will be guarded area inside the display case designed by Louis Vuitton: only shortly before the final the front of the chest will open to reveal to the public the coveted cup. Will the heroes of the national blue to see you once again close just before the opening whistle of the final match?