Luisa Via Roma Store

Luisa Via Roma is one of the most famous shops of Italy. Not only for garments, accessories, bags and shoes that make a fine display in a store on several floors in the center of Florence, but also for its events and its initiatives. One of the year take place in the store with great shooting where the protagonists are the most famous fashion bloggers of the world’s biggest planet online shop, pointing very much on the internet and on bloggers: now famous big Firenze4Ever events twice. And then Louise is a teacher to be talked about. Reached 1 million fans on facebook and after the purchase of sensational super chic mannequins (and super tall and thin) to thousands of Euros and that populate the shop window for a few months, Luisa is still clamor.In this case it is a heated dispute on the web. The protagonist? The Christmas showcase, deemed blasphemous.


Walking in the center of Florence is easy to find groups of tourists (and not only) that these days photographing the window of Luisa Via Roma. Because? The idea for the famous Christmas shop is to recreate featured a sort of cathedral where the mannequins, dressed in clothes from the Arabian Nights, recall the figure of the Madonna. More precisely in the main window is a wooden structure, crystal and chains that reproduce the image of a frescoed church and main figure is a female mannequin wearing a beautiful dress, a cross around his neck, and with a lot of aureula. Other installations are located inside the store, along with a heart ex voto.


After Luisa Via Roma has published photos of the showcase on his Facebook page, all hell broke loose. Accused of blasphemy (despite the many positive comments), the artist who oversaw the installation, Stefano de Lellis, thus replied: “We started from the first issue to get the expression of the event, in this case it was Christmas and that’s why we decided to do an exhibition of the sacred and the profane, while remaining light. I studied the iconography of the Madonna and tried to rebuild it is a spectacular way to decorate the mannequins. I do not think it is a new idea to show this lack of respect towards our Holy Mother. It is rich, religious image is true but this is not a provocation. We took the sacred references and have them spectacularly, in a shop there is nothing wrong, maybe it would be wrong a dramatization of sacred figure in a place like church: yes would be a provocation. “And you, what do you think? in or Out?