Make Your Own Scarf Hanger

Coat racks are indispensable for the careful and accurate storage of clothing accessories in the closet. Then – a few ideas to enhance the functionality of ordinary hangers. To make it convenient to hang scarves, ties, gloves, glasses and belts to dresses and blouses from slipping off the hanger, you will need a minimum of materials and time.

1. Hanger for neckties and scarves with their hands

Lightweight summer scarves, winter knitted scarves, ties and other accessories, lying on a shelf or in a drawer, turn sooner or later in the colorful chaos, where anything is difficult to find the right. A perfect solution would be to make their own hands a simple organizer for scarves. It will take a few rings for curtains in the bathroom that is attached to the transverse crossbeam hanger. Hanger for scarves and ties greatly facilitate your search for the right things!

2. The hanger for gloves and socks with their hands

On the hanger bar with a fine hook the big clothespins. Thus it is possible to store winter gloves, scarves and even socks!

3. Hanger for belts

Belts helpful hang in straightened condition, without folds or kinks. Screw in some hooks hanger! The men in the house will appreciate so convenient improvement of conventional wooden hangers.

4. Hanger points

How do you keep your collection points? Shelves, drawers? Here is another place orderly storage – simply hang them on a hanger!

5. To clothes from slipping off the hanger

It is inconvenient to keep the thing on the smooth thin shoulders. Take 3-5 pieces of hangers, connect from the tape and wrap multicolored yarn! Firstly, the hanger will be thicker, and secondly, silky and light things will not slip off the shoulders. And thirdly, a bright decor pleasing to the eye and animates the space, whether it is in a closed cabinet or on a hanger in the hallway.

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