Makeup Tutorial for Redheads

Even blondes, brunettes and even much less castanhas…as bobs most requested and imitated in the halls are redheads! Especially after Marina Ruy Barbosa started Divar on the small screen. And of course, there’s no shortage of inspiration from outside, as the powerful Jessica Chastain, Amy Adams, enchanted goddess Julianne Moore, the beautiful Christina Hendricks and the only Florence Welch, did so, and not even the famous lost the chance to pose at least once, of redheads ( as Sophia Abrahao, Emma Stone, Lana Del Rey, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively.

For these and others, we decided to show here some makeup tips for redheads, however, it is worth remembering that the makeup of today’s Democratic super, and if you’re in the mood, dare, for example, the rose is very controversial for redheads, but if you like it, must not be thrown, however, already knowing that certain shades leave the look and feel of much more elegant and redheads at the same time.
Although a lot of people find the makeup for redheads somewhat difficult, because the hairs have a hot color and call a lot of attention, the trends in the field of beauty have never been thus democratic today the redheads have more option to perfect the make, much more sophisticated occasion, how much to use on a daily basis.

Makeup Tutorial for Redheads

The skin


As alva redheads tend to have sardines, it is not advisable to use very heavy bases. The base on the freckles can give an artificial appearance and take the characteristic of this kind of skin, even with sardines, the ideal is to keep the makeup of skin light, with bases of natural cover and soft powder, only to standardize. A tip is to invest in a mineral powder, which is lighter, softens the skin and helps to take the shine of greasiness.


The blushes, like bronzers, must escape the orange tones, shades pulled into the orange can fight with the highlights. Watch out! Look for in a makeup for redheads always those with hot color or nuance. The ultimate goal is a look health, so no excess. If you want the apples more marked, a blush Brown is a good thing. And watch the pinks too strong as they may leave a hilarious aspect.


All redhead must have in the toiletry bag makes earthy tones, they always fall well. For the day to day makeup for redheads should have a range of earthy tones, strolling through the beige, sand, and brown. Esfumadas eyelids in shades of brown, golden and coppery, are infallible for redheads.

If the makeup for the night, the tip is to bet in a black shade, but can be colored, although many makeup artists don’t like it because I thought that fight with the hair color, they are super high, like navy blue, dark green and even eggplant, or even, for the more discreet, invest only in a thin blue eyeliner, is super nice and discreet.

The concealer for around the eyes should be deep ochre, because in general, redheads have dark circles of green fund, and ochre tones will counteract the greens.
Although there is no rule, some people don’t approve of pale colors or too much citrus in makeup for redheads, however, there is a crowd that defends the contrasts, like betting in a green shade.


Time to go to his mouth, as the skin of the redhead’s tends to be very white, the tip is running very tone erased. The person gets a visual too monotonous, so with everything in reds and don’t be afraid to play in rubles, believe me, you can’t miss red, and use any tone, says Warrior.

Felipe Freitas, Crystal Hair makeup artist, also bet on the vermilion in makeup for redheads, but very quiet at this time, if the hair is red fire color, wide open, a lipstick of the same color can overwhelm the look, unless you (wide open) want to dramatize the look, so if you play with ease, otherwise, who have this open tone , is more recommended copper-tone lipsticks and coral for use in everyday life.

When the wires pull for the orange, the lipstick should be more closed and dark, while the darker red fall well with reds alive.

Afraid of making mistakes? So, invest in wine lipsticks in makeup for redheads, you can’t go wrong with them, and they look great in contrast with very light skin.