Mall China-shopping Tips in Paraguay

The Mall China is even shopping heaven ♥! So much for women as for men and children, in the electronic department, makeup, toys and more, the department store all divided by categories where you can find absolutely everything. I gave a little jump there last week to record a video showing you all the best that offers us. The Mall China is close to my City Campo Grande-MS, on average 2 hours drive. Who likes to take the edge off doing some shopping? This guess is for you-hahahhahahaahha. I love hitting leg there in Paraguay, so this time I decided to take you with me! After all, good guess is guess shared!!

The Mall China is one of the largest shopping centers in Latin America, with imported stores in Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay, in major cities of borders with Brazil. The range of options in products ranging from consumer electronics to computers, appliances, cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, clothes for adults and children, toys, drinks, tools, etc. In addition, the complex has a complete infrastructure to receive tourists: beauty salon, auto centro, supermarket, banks, food court, space kids, gas station and other services. The Mall China is full of news, of the best domestic and imported brands in the world!

And for those who still doubt that the Mall China is the best, he was consider do the “Best Imported shop of the Americas”, according to the Association of Airport Duty Free Stores (AADFS), Orlando-USA, for five consecutive years (from 2009 to 2014). There are more than 220 1000 items sold in stores, the most recognized brands in the world. And in 2013 and 2014 the company obtained the prize of “Best Store of imported from the World” (Best border/downtown retailer of the year) in Cannes-France during the Frontier Awards event. This and other international awards are recognition of the hard work and dedication, prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers. Such important prizes, are also of enormous responsibilities, and for this reason the Shopping China are in constant renewal, in order to improve and offer more comfort and safety to customers.

In addition, offers a wide variety of service and closed parking with capacity for more than 3 1000 vehicles. You can see a lot of products and relish in this shopping paradise! A sweet spot kkkkkk.