Mango Collections

The Spanish brand has launched a new line inspired by the style navy: New Boat. Heads chic, elegant and at the same time sober.

New line for the Spanish brand Mango for this spring-summer 2014 has created a new collection inspired by the style navy: the New Boat,.

One way of dressing that during the hot season is always the most loved, a perfect evergreen for summer days that, little by little, has won just all women, even becoming a trend to be used at every opportunity.

Lo stile navy di Mango New Boat

The clothing items proposed by the Catalan designer labels are typical of marine style that the low cost brand revisits proposing their own in a modern point of view: not only with regard to the lines of the leaders- made ​​more chic, elegant and at the same time sober-but also with regard to the colors. In addition to the classic combination of shades such as blue and red, Mango offers the most delicate shades and versatile: from white to beige, from pastel yellow to different shades of blue, however, remains the protagonist color in this collection, and more in general, the marine style.

To create the collection, Mango was inspired by the male wardrobe, starting with blazers, T-shirts and shirts, but mostly from the pants, mostly wide and short to the ankle, to match with shoes oxfords and loafers white and powder pink.  But there are plenty of skinny jeans and denim leggings pastel colors, such as green and blue, to be accompanied by a pair of  ballet shoes beige and blue with metallic round tip.

For a feminine look, almost ladylike and ladylike, in New Boat inalienable line are the blouses with white embroidery lace, the aforementioned skinny pants with white stripes and blue top with peplum and clothing delicate, almost ethereal, made lightweight fabric;some fall straight and soft on the body while others, however, mark the waist by a thin belt or a band; All are offered in matching tones in navy blue.

But Mango New Boat line is also believed to accessories: bags maxi striped pattern to the proposals shoulder, braided belts, sunglasses from different shapes, hats to protect us from the hot days and jewelry, perfect to perk up any outfit.