Martin Logan Montis in the Test

It is the big art in the design of the loudspeakers, to build a hybrid electrostatic. The Martin Logan Montis provides ample material for the dream, to conjure up music from virtually masseloser foil. How the status box in the test?

Already seen – this is not only a fantastic LP by Crosby, stills, Nash & young, but also a strange feeling that comes over one in certain situations, that you think you have experienced exactly as ever. Such an experience was transformed for the author, as the hybrid combination Martin Logan Montis (12,900 euro) played in his room – so to speak a Already listening.

The Martin Logan Summit X (test)was six and a half years ago at the same place. This hybrid combination combined a mid-plane electrostatic tweeter with an active woofer, who took over the bass and the lower MIDs with electrodynamic 10-inch chassis. Not a new concept, but as well realized the author in the Summit X as in any other date known speakers. The aroused enthusiasm reflected in the test in AUDIO 7/2009. The Summit X left a painful gap, when they went back to the importer.

Now, this gap has been closed. The Montis resemble the other minimally larger sister as a member of Martin Logan’s ESL family. The electrostatic loudspeakers of the company from Lawrence, Kansas State includes also the smaller Martin Logan Theos (test) and Martin Logan ethos (test). It is made by the way at paradigm in Canada.

With the Summit X the “X-stat” means high-frequency Panel in anodized aluminum frame has in common the Montis. Those noble curved, mounted in a vacuum chamber cylinder cutout, which without housing, whose razor-thin, plasma-coated and therefore lightweight polymer membrane for front and rear emits and which is responsible for the fascinating multi properties of the electrostatic: more space and openness, more precision and speed than conventional converters.

To move enough air for a sufficiently deep and powerful bass with a slide but, it must be very large. Furthermore you can flout them with hybrid construction. Then plane plane projectors bundle the radiated sound very strong, what extremely restricts the optimum listening position. Therefore, Martin Logan extends the horizontal angle from the “curvilinear line source”. CLS warps the surface to the listener out and they also segmented into different sections. The finely perforated (“MikroPerf”) stators can identify these segments.

Despite the same X-stat, Summit X and Monti’s are not the same speakers. Because first of all, a pair of Monti’s costs almost 5000 euros of less, and secondly there are however a few differences. So it offers more Summit X with its dimmable underbody lighting or its back light for eye people. There remains only the switchable blue illumination of the company logo on the housing cover of the woofer at the Montis.

The most important difference is in the woofer: the Summit fires the low-frequency range up to about 270 Hertz per speaker about two 10-incher, one forward, one down; in the also of a 200-Watt class D amplifier of powered Montis of Downfire is missing. In addition, a chassis must go up to almost 340 Hertz. When the fitting and especially in the phase-coherent comparison with the electrostatic also helps as a Switchman a Montis exclusive digital signal processor (DSP) by ML engineer Joe Vojtko 24-bit processing depth.

Hearing test

It’s about spatial depth – among other things – for the correct installation. Equal to the warning to all plug’n ‘ play fans: Each combination requires dedication, patience, experience and time, until it develops its full charm. The Martin Logan of Monti’s is no exception. In the large AUDIO listening room however zickte them if necessary at a minimum level. Safe distance to the rear and side walls – played bent to the listeners – on right off the bat at a world class level. This showed what went to the amplifier partner an amazing sovereignty. The available transistor amplifiers, all stable nature, could give their best.

The stability, so current capability mention because the Montis has an impedance minimum below 1 ohm. However beyond of 15 kilohertz, where normally hardly even significant performance is required.

The author felt greatly encouraged. To bring to the first, the Montis in the acoustically much more delicate, but proximity own listening room to the blades and secondly trying their skills up to the No better to exploit. So after home and the full program: meter stick out, instead of the spikes again, rubber feet, brought, heard, angled, heard again, turned to the bass controls for the range below 100 Hz, heard again. The tube Monos with a large caliber transistor replaced, heard again. Until, yes until the mentioned déjà-vu.

You get a very high mount up, the Montis. A properly – and set up, excellent controlled up to peaks that were supposedly reserved the Summit X. The leaner, less beaded bass was even more precise if not too deep. But who hears it separately on bass, if a Symphony Orchestra unfolds its magnificence. Most meticulous detailed work of first and second violins, the finest nuances of oboe and clarinet, one out of nowhere flashing on Forte, a still-gleaming Fortissimo. Who analyze everything and are still in the power of music – drop the Montis delivers Magnifier and lust.

Different compressions or remaster compare from creating pop chameleon David Bowie and his sometimes brilliant music – inspired then let the Montis are the means to do so. In short: The Martin Logan Montis makes music. Among other things made of plastic foil.


Even if that speaks rather against me: I’ve become an old love being unfaithful. The Martin Logan Summit X, was my longing so far so my heart has won the Montis. Your little More slender bass can AUDIO points minimum including in the leader board rank the Montis although compared to the big sister, but their equivalent hopping dynamics, their plasticity, their extreme differentiation and neutrality make it the perfect monitor speakers not only for my music reviews. Because this room creation miracle equips all listening to music with an incredible enjoyment factor, it has conquered my listening room.