Maternity Dressing Tips

Months pass and it must be obviously, you get more into your wardrobe! And I must admit one thing, pregnancy clothes can cost you dearly and may not serve you a long time. What are the tricks of moms for dress during pregnancy without breaking the Bank? Here are their answers.

“When I was pregnant, I found a way to not to change my pants. The idea is to put a rubber band on the hole of the button the pants and hang the elastic pants button. Result, the pants is expanded to the level of the belly. ” Alice.

« I bought clothes that are ‘broad’ in time normal (long sweater in the winter or summer dress) and leggings for pregnant women but that, it does not cost too much. Buying clothes that are not pregnancy clothes are less expensive and you can even put back them after’. ‘. Johanna

« I bought pregnancy at H & M pants in colors past everywhere (Navy Blue, black and gray). I put them with pretty tops (not pregnancy but bought 1 or 2 size up). I also adopted long vests which refine the silhouette and hide the fat behind. Apart from 2-3 dresses for meetings at work bought on the internet (Vertbaudet, stir-stir…), I continued to wear normal clothes because I find pregnancy overpriced clothes! Just take 1 or 2 sizes and more. “Alice’ Me, I bought 3 pants and a headband. My trick to not ruin me, I was putting my normal ups and add the banner on top.«
“For not to overspend, the trick is to do some flea markets, scholarships to clothing or sales specializing in babies and pregnant women clothing!” Anne-Laure

‘My trick for pregnancy clothes? Stitch the shirts and t-shirts of my lover. » Fanny’ Around me, we almost all chained pregnancies. ” The advantage is that we were able to ‘spin’ the maternity wear. We still have a girlfriend around who still has her clothes for pregnancy. ” Samia

“The right corner! My tip during pregnancy to spend the least possible in pregnancy clothing, it was to buy my used clothing on the right corner. In excellent condition, I could even sell them in the same way after. ” Sophie

Check BABYINGER.COM for must have pregnancy clothes and ‘normal’ clothes. During my pregnancy, I bought the basics of pregnancy to be comfortable (leggings, tights, jeans, black pants). Then I mixed with normal clothes that I bought in large size. My stores preferred not to overspend: Primark, H & M, Topshop. ” Helen.