Maternity Look: Style Pregnant

The Maternity collections are often those from the most funny and ironic leaders. Here are a few, between style and expectant. Kate Middleton teaches.

Maternity Look: Style Pregnant

Yes, we must admit, in recent months-and especially in the last few days -we are passionate about belly British style of the beautiful Kate Middleton . And we gave a sneak peek at some look Maternity and we selected some of them for a gallery that will inspire us at the right time.

Beautiful Mom!

After all, you know, during pregnancy the woman may feel less beautiful and desirable due to the physical and hormonal changes that your body is experiencing. So, to put as much as possible to protect against this risk, in addition to remember that becoming mothers is among the most beautiful things in nature, we have put together all those clothes that while telling the world that we are expecting even make us feel fashionable and pampered.

Look Maternity summer

If any of you thought of having to make some sacrifice in terms of style tips for maternity at, it was wrong: the maternity clothing lines and brands that are dedicated only to future teem moms Capetti that you will look forward to wearing.

Dresses, stretch pants at the waist to adjust to the belly during growth, colorful and fun t-shirts and maybe ironizzino on kicking pulling the baby, and also the summer maxi-dress and costumes suited to the future mothers, even in the ninth month pregnancy.

Casual, urban, glam: how to dress your baby bump?

From casual to sporty to urban style to that a little ‘most glamorous or a little’ more ethnic: for every mommy tomorrow does not lack choice for shopping or for the office, for an aperitif or an evening-and even costumes for the beach. Just because what Kate Middleton had to teach taught us, and we have learned that we had from its maternity style lessons.

And no, fortunately we do not have even the wallets of Middleton to be a future mom to fashion! In our gallery we choose those outfits that the more we liked and we seemed to make us feel princesses modern living their beautiful dream, and such an important moment of their lives from having to – of course!-A little ‘pampered. And, guess what? None of these costs too many pounds. Oh, Kate, if I knew how the students have almost passed you, the teacher…

Finally, let’s face it: clothes so delicious and the prospect of being able to eat, perfectly right, everything goes there, you know? A little thought makes us do.