Maxi Handmade Necklace

How To Make Handmade Necklace Maxi–Step By Step

The maxi necklaces are accessories that since I entered the sets don’t seem to get out more. Whether in summer or in winter, they always take place guaranteed in feminine looks, especially for women more vain and stylish. Those who like to be always with something different will love this idea, mainly because I could be making an exclusive piece, totally original, no one else will have the same. Check out a step by step to make your maxi paste, exclusive and crafted with super simple materials:

Check out the Walkthrough:

1) Cut a template similar to the image below and revised sheet (for easy fold the sheet in half, cutting and obtain a symmetrical molding). After the mold made, pass it to the cardboard and cut it out;

2) Distribute the stones over the cardboard mold before paste them to see how will be the same after you paste;

3) Pass the glue on the rocks and go one by one gluing;

4) after you have pasted the larger stones, fill in the empty spaces by pasting the pebbles. Reserve;

5) While the dry part, make the fabric strips (approx. 30 cm long). Paste them on top (behind the Maxi paste).

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