Me Fui Swimsuits

Contamination between fantasies and South American colors and Italian craftsmanship, this is the synthesis of the new summer collection Me Fui Rodriguez 2015. The two sisters come back to the fore with new costumes, bikinis and will again sold out?!

Two Argentine are mind and image of a beachwear line.
The clue enough of itself to introduce the two women, one the most famous, the other sister (on the road to fame): Belen Rodriguez and Cecilia.

So much color on summer beaches, even on the two designers and testimonial. Me Fui, so you call their line, got big uproar from the outset, Summer 2014, with sold out faster than light, in stores and on online platforms. “Me fui” is Spanish for “I left”, you can say that the costumes they are literally “gone.”

History may repeat itself: the two sisters have, in fact, announced via instagram the new capsule (from 30 April on the online shop). And the 2.0 glimpse of the shooting will have been due to a “Me, I was” general.

The name of the line has the sentimental, caliente, if you will. The leave is only conceptual, because the two sisters of the trip to Patagonia and back in the homeland have retained vivid and inspiring images. Colors and traditions of the Indian lands lie on the customs body, make a tribute to Argentina and throughout South America.

The story went something like this: the two sisters, along the shops, were visually overwhelmed by the tissues of the traditional plot “guardas pampas”. The reference to the origins (colors and patterns) it was natural to imagine how to create a line of swimwear that combined Argentine tradition with a production of the highest quality costumes, all Italian.This epiphany of five patterns: mapuche-turquoise, antuche-blue, peru-red-green guadalupe, Rupanco-black.

News 2015: the bikinis and swimsuits (must-Summer 2015) combined with espadrilles.
The geometries and designs have a certain something of ethnic, warm colors and traditional designs to jump in fancy dress costumes, the whole version of the micro bikini.
The bikini have the classic adjustable bra with removable cups, combined with contemporary slip as the cut-out in the side clamps, do not miss the bandeau bikini with removable padded cups.

on swimsuits three fantasies launched by the brand occupy the front of the costume He takes a break, black, in the back. Basic black versus color.
The range of sizes available: 40/44.