Men’s Ethnic Rings

Ethnic ring, a male super jewel

She inspired by Tuareg, Tibetan or of a more insular exoticism, Balinese style, Polynesian or Maori, ethnic ring is needed more than ever as an evidence in the world of men’s fashion.

With its often mysterious symbols that transport you and transform your look, this gem vehicle a manly charm and transcribed a real energy, drawn from its roots. In front of this cocktail of finesse and character, it is not surprising to see more men wearing these ethnic wide rings! Certainly the big side of the moment!

Source of inexhaustible inspiration for Western jewelers, these craft pieces from the antipodes distill more than a style, in the image of ethnic tattoos become a standard for modern icons of our men’s magazines, they now embody a true lifestyle, rebattant and redistributing the cards of men’s fashion!

So, if you dare not yet, gentlemen, know that put on an ethnic ring on one of your fingers will bring you this both authentic and offbeat, stamp that will raise your outfit of the day and reveal a facet of your personality so far inhibited!

Forged in Silver 925 ° °, most often carved by hand, these wide rings indeed exude a symbolism that is clean, strong and powerful man. And when imposing silver metal ring in fact symbolizes strength and durability, ethnic patterns which are are chiseled will return for their part in many more lightness, nature and the elements (water, Earth, fire) ubiquitous in the islands of the Pacific including handicrafts.

Your choice may be so wear a ring in Sterling Silver engraved traditional reasons but you can carry you on a ring set with gemstones such as Turquoise, onyx or Amethyst. Each of these stones vehicle an own carma and brings a very personal touch to your look!

How to wear the ethnic rings ?

According to Cached Jewelry, ethnic ring is the most masculine of jewelry for men. You can wear it in all circumstances, without ever having to compromise between elegance and masculinity!

What is design for which you choose, your ethnic ring will be the cornerstone of your style, it will bring you a deliciously offbeat touch regardless of your style of dress, from the casual to the rock addict, from streetwear to the more minimalist…

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