Men’s Underwear Styles that Women Love and Hate

Although we know that much of the sensuality of a person is in itself, we cannot deny that their choices in lingerie can remove or add points with equal ease. In the case of men – or at least most of them – prioritizes comfort before the style when it comes to buying lingerie, but the truth is a balanced combination of these two factors in the choice of the style of men’s underwear can be the key to success with women.

• The styles that if like

Contrary to what many people think, the women also pay attention (and lots!) to the male lingerie. In General, there are two models of underpants that are repeated when the question becomes: what men’s underwear prefer women? The answer: boxer and boxer briefs.

  • Boxer

We usually refer to a boxer when we talk about the underwear short style. In fact boxer underpants are inspired by the design of the shorts worn by boxers and hence same take their name.

The boxer are loose airy and comfortable, although they do not provide adequate support for certain – mainly sports – activities and do not look good in a pair of tight pants.

It’s a very simple, male underwear style at the same time and that is what you like most of the other women of the boxer.

  • Boxer brief and trunk

The hybrid most popular adventures of the underwear and the biggest favorite among women, that is a boxer brief.

This underwear looks like a biker shorts. Coverage of a boxer, conforms to the body in every inch and provides much-needed support that gives a brief.

It is precisely this garment fit what most draws the attention of the female audience, especially in the thighs and buttocks.

  • Materials and colours

In what materials and colors it is, classic seems to be the best. Materials such as pure cotton or in combination with percentages of spandex to add elasticity to the garment are the favorite of women today. White, gray, black and Navy Blue are chosen as the favourite of all time, but this does not mean that a modern pattern or strong colors not call the attention of women also, whenever it is done elegantly.

• The styles that do not like much

Among the different styles of men’s underwear there are some models that, according to most of the women in the world, should be eliminated, or at least reserved for certain occasions. The same is true with certain colors and materials. Review them.

  • Brief

Wide, comfortable band. Legs up to the height of the groin allow to use variety of clothes without fear that you notice underwear under them, as well as allowing to move with greater freedom and without crushing. Total coverage (optional) fly in the front and the back. Support, coverage and comfort, all of these features make the brief an ideal piece… right? Maybe not for a woman.

Why don’t like the brief in a man? Simply because it’s a pretty child style. If you think about it, the brief is the model for definition of underwear for kids. The inevitable piece. The number one – and in many cases the only option – in kids underwear drawer.

  • Bikini

It shares the name and design with the female panty model but with much less acceptance than the version for women. The small amount of fabric used in the design which makes it almost impossible to notice lines under clothes but definitely exposes much more which, in many cases, you would want to see.

If you want to know why the bikini is not a female favorite, the answer is simple and concise: much exposure.

  • Thong

The quantity of gender used in the making of a thong is really minimum. The thong at localbusinessexplorer is a Pocket where you place the genitals and hairline ribbons of fabric to fit the hip. The back is completely exposed.

If the bikini coverage is minimal, then the thong is virtually non-existent. Facing the reality, it is necessary to be a true Apollo to carry a thong as it should be, definitely it is not a style for anyone.

Another point to consider is that the male thongs are mainly associated with the exotic dancers and, in general, unless you’re one of them, this style not is very successful with women outside of a bachelorette party.

  • Materials and colours

Go directly to the point, you must say goodbye to forever of the underpants of silk or satin. Definitely nothing sexy or elegant in shiny and slippery male underwear.

Forget also the prints in “animal print” unless you’re Tarzan. Stay away from once of those underpants with the coat of arms of Superman or Batman. They are definitely off the list of sexy lingerie. If you want to add a little color and life to your underwear, the best is that you are aware of the trends in prints for the season and sure the piece you choose to go with your style.