Microsoft Already Has a Date to Close The Purchase of Nokia: April 25

When a major company that operates internationally announces acquisition of another, it may still take months until it is officially announced the purchase since it has previously received the approval of various authorities and regulatory bodies. The purchase of Nokia by Microsoft was no exception, although the Redmond company announced he planned everything to finish before the end of April.

And so it has been. As confirmed Microsoft today on his blog, Friday 25 April the acquisition of Nokia officially closes. “Fringes” that outstanding already seem to have been fixed and even from Microsoft have been encouraged to clarify some aspects related to the transition from a company to another. Others, however, are still unanswered: will disappear the Nokia brand as such, as indicated by some leaks?

Starting from the first thing, Microsoft has ensured that all the “active online” Nokia will be under their control until a year. This includes the domains and all accounts in social networks. Also solved another of the sources of conflict: the terminals of the South Korea factory is not finally included within the purchase.

And what about the Nokia brand? During the last few days many media have echoed of a supposed letter filtered in from Microsoft which claimed that Nokia Devices would become Microsoft Mobile. Although the latter has not been confirmed officially, it seems to make sense and fits in with “up to one year” Nokia Digital accounts management.

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