Microsoft Comes to the MWC without Flagship

There will be focused on low-end phones from Microsoft at the MWC next year and until the end of 2015

When Microsoft draws with Mobile World Congress, it will be without a phone right at the top of its product portfolio. Microsoft will not have a new Lumia-flagship with, and there is no prospect of a new flagship before the second half of the year 2015.

Should this be true, then there will be a large spread between the current flagships Lumia 930 and 1520 and saw it coming in 2015. Lumia 930 was announced in april of this year, while Lumia 1520 was announced in October 2013.

Instead, Microsoft will have a sequel to 625 with Lumia. The one and a half years of spread between the flag ships is long in the tech world, and the waiting time may have something to do with Microsoft’s acquisition of part of Nokia to do.

Nokia accounted for the vast majority of Windows Phone catalog, and it has Microsoft so even had to continue. In addition, there has been talk that Microsoft has had a successor codenamed ‘ McLaren ‘ in the pipeline, but it should have been scrapped.

McLaren would otherwise according to the rumors have replaced Lumia 930 as the top model for Windows Phone.