Microsoft Has Not Yet Clear How They Will Call Their Mobile Devices

Microsoft it closed the purchase of Nokia last week, although we had months – September 2013 – making us the idea, the same time that the American company has had to think about how were going to call the products that are going to take shape with the new company.

As we are told in Forbes, Microsoft they are not all clear as they want you to put the creature. What explains that aside from the news of the closing of the purchase, not has spoken about nothing concrete about denominations, and that there are many in game.

The Nokia company, specifically the division of services and devices, passes called Microsoft Mobile Oy, not to say that face to the public go to use that name. Some media have been playing evil that information:

“Microsoft isn’t going to use Microsoft Mobile as new name for Nokia; Lumia and Asha marks will be transferred to Microsoft as part of the purchase. Involved products will continue to receive support from Microsoft. Nokia will continue to operate under its brand name, and Microsoft has licensed the brand for use on mobile phones the next ten years”

Microsoft Mobile Oy It is the name of a legal entity, a subsidiary more in the Microsoft Devices Group, such as Xbox, Surface, or peripherals. In regards to relations with suppliers of components and other companies, will work if this new name, why it has come to light recently.

Once understand what Microsoft Mobile Oy, we interpret that designations of phones will stay as they are now. But it is an interpretation, taking into account how entrenched is “Lumia” on Windows Phone.

Within the family of current devices, we are seeing some shift, leaving aside the numbers, to use names. A good example is Nokia Lumia Icon, and it is rumored that the Lumia 635 could be called Monarch for the T-Mobile operator.

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