Microsoft Ready with MSN-Apps for Android and iOS

Windows-maker continues to make apps for competing platforms, and the ride has come to a number of MSN-apps.

Formerly called the Bing apps, but after a name change to MSN-apps are a number of Microsoft applications ready to lead it forward on the Android and iOS. Microsoft is continuing therefore publish its apps for more platforms instead of only its own Windows Phone ecosystem.

It is the 5 MSN apps MSN sports, Health and training, News, finance, and finally, the Weather, which has found its way into Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Common for the 5 apps is that they are leaning much up by Microsoft’s ecosystem, and is based on Microsoft’s Bing service.

In addition to these 5 new apps, then among other things Microsoft Office OneNote also appeared on and the popular Android and iOS. It helps beat Microsoft’s name on the competing platforms, which have a considerably larger number of users than Windows Phone.