Microsoft Surface Pro 4 in the Test

Microsoft tries again with the Surface Pro 4, to establish a reference model for Windows-based 2-in-1 device. A plan, which is largely successful, as shown in the test.

No too did achieve success, the first generation of the Microsoft surface which was not least due to the crashed operating system Windows RT. But the IT group from Redmond let themselves be swayed not just developed his 2-in-1 device. Three product generations later has the detachable established itself and has achieved a certain cult status. The concept of Windows tablets, which mutates a docking keyboard to the laptop, has already found several generic. Not only classic notebook manufacturers such as HP and Lenovo, but Smartphone and Tablet specialists such as Samsung (Galaxy Tab Pro) and Huawei (Matebook) have published corresponding combination units or presented.

And so the world was curious to see whether the latest generation of hybrid Microsoft has rightly received the praise. In Tablet comparison with iPad Pro , the Surface Pro 4 already emerged as the winner. Now, we have asked us how to beat Windows-10-device as notebook(-ersatz), and sent it in the test procedure.

The Surface Pro 4 is available in six different configurations which differ only under the hood – but quite significantly. The initial variants for 999 euros has an Intel Core-m3 processor with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD storage on board, more than twice as expensive top model has a core i7 CPU with four times as much work and data storage. A representative of the middle class, which is equipped with a core i5 processor of the sixth generation, and still very ordinary 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB solid state capacity had to prove in the connect test.

It is still annoying that Microsoft can be extra pay for the velvety type cover. The magnetically dockable keyboard is simply to the surface. There should be hardly a buyer who purchases the device without physical help of tip and uses “only” as a tablet. That the tailor-made, magnetically on the device stylus, 1024 mastering compression, is now included, is commendable, makes the thing but not significantly better.

Hermaphrodite power Tablet and Ultrabook

In the performance benchmark, our test candidate gave no nakedness. In all areas of simulated the Surface Pro, including 4 superior results. In the fan operation, the unit is pleasantly quiet, at full load, it is relatively warm. The typical battery life of just over six and a half hours in a predominant use of Office programs can be entirely seen. If there is a category “Power per mass”, the surface would be hard to beat Pro 4. The obtained benchmark values match the premium notebook segment, in terms of dimensions and weight the detachable but clearly into the Tablet space.