Mirror Decorated with Cans

This decoration for mirrors is the most original, probably don’t know anyone that has one as well and that will make your decorating something very special and unique; This craft is very easy to do and does not require any kind of investment, dedicate some of your time and you will get a very beautiful result.


  • Rectangular mirror
  • Glue for gluing aluminum
  • Cans of soft drink in different colors
  • Aluminum cutter
  • Permanent marker
  • Fish paper patterns
  • Varnish


  1. mark the pattern you have on paper in the mirror, remember to let a good space in the same.
  2. once marked the fish drawing, divided into equal small squares drawing, and marked with the marker.
  3. trim the ends of the cans with the purpose that is a leaf.
  4. mark and cut out squares of cans of the same size as that they marked in the mirror.
  5. there will be parts of the fish that will be irregular, so you will have to mark, with the help of the pattern, that figure in the piece of Tin that you want, and then cut it.
  6. as cuts pieces of Tin, see pasting them in box mirror that appropriate, so you can’t go wrong.
  7. let dry and varnish.

This craft is really very nice and simple to do, you can have a relaxing time while you do it and you can decorate any space in your home. The ecological craft is most beautiful and original of all.