Mobile Decorative Baby

One of the most beautiful crafts for babies is mobile, to be always placed on top of the cradle of the baby awake their curiosity, is also a beautiful ornament.


  • Wire hangers or rings to embroider
  • Nylon thread
  • Birds of paper or light stuffed animals
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon colors


  1. slightly bend the wire hangers and placed each end thread nylon, get a few knots to make sure it is strong enough as to hold the birds or Teddy.If you decide to use the rings to embroider, so it binds to these stretches of nylon thread.
  2. will look much better if you decide to cut the yarn of nylon in different sizes, so the decorations hang at different heights.
  3. once the yarn sections are in what will be the mobile base, threaded wires in the figures that you are going to hang. Remember that if the mobile will be only an ornament you can use paper figures, but if you will place it at a height that your baby can reach, it then attempts to use small stuffed animals.
  4. hang the mobile at the top of the crib or stroller for your baby.

You can do several mobile of different sizes and placing them in the crib, stroller and your baby poultry. Choose bright colors so your baby can enjoy it and stimulate their imagination.