Modern Decoration for Any Interior: Wall Stickers

Tired of constantly looking at okoukané images that you know to the last brush stroke? Do not you think your being too cozy, the walls are bare too? Be inspired by our tips for original decoration of any interior.

Forget the images in fashion stickers
stickers on the wall are now very modern. Partly due to their ease of application, but especially because of the wide range. Offer beautiful motives is really varied, of course there is also a large selection of colors. It will not be so difficult to pick any room suitable sticker.

  1. Living Room
    The television is perfect for a natural pattern, like a flower or a tree. Above the sofa to change excelling distinctive sticker or abstract portrait, as the beautiful Marilyn Monroe.You can choose sticker color-tune the equipment and accessories for your living room, or you can choose a neutral gray or black shade.

2nd Kitchen
Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, so it deserves a proper decoration. The images are not exactly ideal for the kitchen, because when exposed to fumes from cooking may lose color intensity. So decorate the kitchen for some thematic motif sticker with food. Do not be afraid to reach for the vivid red color, which promotes appetite.

3rd bedroom
to bedroom, choose some soothing themes. Perfect again are flowers, tree branches or abstract, but decent shape. Adjust colors decoration of your bedroom, be unaffected by the stickers, but rather creates a harmonious whole.

  1. Children’s Room
    Your children undoubtedly inspire sticker with their favorite baby personage.On the other wall can stick cute pet.Or the little princess to bring joy to a wall full of butterflies or the outline of a fairy-tale castle. Small urchin will delight the huge ship or crazy strašidýlka. And your kids have not even bothered to scribble on the walls, because they do not want to destroy the beautiful stickers!

5th toiletries
in the bathroom live flowers usually not doing very well, but this does not mean that you can not somehow decorate bathrooms. Wall stickers that perfectly resists even more moisture, are the ideal.

Something for everyone to
get their money when buying stickers come really for everyone. Motoring lover can choose from several variants of cars, a passionate traveler deliver a world map or images of famous landmarks such as the Egyptian pyramids, passionate musician can stick notes over piano in various designs, avid sportsman can choose from a wide range of stickers with a sporty theme.

Easy to
pleasantly surprise you with easy application wall stickers. The selected image easily stick to the wall and then slowly removed the protective liner. So definitely you do not have to worry about sticking small pieces.