Modest One Piece Plus Size Swimsuits

Hardly spring he rears his nose, women’s magazines that already overwhelm us tips to be thinner, more muscular and start without waiting for the bikini diets. What most depressed women, who, instead of being a time of fun and relaxation, the transition to swimsuit can become a real test. Instead of torturing your mind, we recommend you to learn to love your body as it is, and if your complex prevent you from enjoying a two-piece, do not deprive yourself of bathing provided, but adopt rather a pretty large swimsuit sculpting.

If you are too shy to show you two pieces swimsuit, go again on a nice one-piece swimsuit.Forget Grandma models, there are one pieces very trendy and fun to wear, that will enhance your silhouette. Another plus: some models are specially designed to sculpt your figure slightly sheathing: what smooth your curves, not make you feel cramped or uncomfortable.Check out our selection of swimsuit large carving, out from your next vacation!

Plus Size Swimsuit

Large Size Swimsuit

Sculpting a swimsuit that enhances every aspect of your figure: it’s tempting, right? This model is designed to maintain generous breasts perfectly (in cap D to F ) with soft cups, and a nice work on the neckline, which suggests more than it reveals. From the waist, while the belly and hips are sheathed and your curves are smoothed: you feel well maintained and can enjoy uninhibited joys of the beach. This swimsuit 1 special room silhouette is available, it costs € 29.99 in sizes 42-54.


Your curves must not condemn you to the port of black size swimwear, quite the contrary!These are the holidays, so take advantage and enjoy wearing whatever makes you feel. On the site Our site, you will find many swimsuits tankini, one or two-piece until size 62 , with cuts and original patterns. We could not resist it for asymmetrical swimsuit, with a lovely draped in shades of blue on the chest. Not only his sublime draped cut upper body, marking the size, but also the front of the swimsuit is doubled to ensure better maintenance. This swimsuit costs € 49.95 on HOTICLE, which has all sizes from 48 to 62.


This is the Rolls-Royce of slimming swimsuits: the Miraclesuit simply promises to make you look 5 kilos less. Simple bluff or real “miracle”, it is for you to say! We appreciate the glamorous sections of the brand, which allows you to play the pin-up all summer. Available at Our site, the one-piece swimsuit from Miraclesuit Sanibel sheathing costs € 140, there are in all sizes from 46 (cap C / D) to 50 (bonnet F / G).

It remains for you to choose the size swimsuit sculpting that fits your style and your budget!And happy holidays to the lucky ones who are already preparing the joys of swimming.