Modular Smartwatch Blocks

With this modular smartwatch you can add as many battery modules as you want to lengthen their autonomy

At one time or another we have already spoken of the modular smartwatch, a curious mode that allows us to customize not only the look of our smart watch, but also the features may have. By coupling different modules with different functions and features that make the watch strap, we can get a fully custom device to our liking.

Precisely this kind of smartwatch could become a very valid for all those who want toenter the world of smart watches option but do not want to worry about lugging a device at the end of the day. The idea that lies behind Blocks, a modular smartwatch that is seeking funding through Kickstarter, is to give the opportunity to users that its own clock built according to their needs.

What do you want a battery with which no worry for several days? Each additional battery module acoplemos the belt will have a capacity of 100 mAh, which will give us until noon more autonomy according to the company. The price of each module to between $ 20 and $ 40 depending on the type of property you add to smartwatch liked sports watch categorized on WATCHTUTORIALS. We can find from a GPS module, through a microphone or SIM card, up to a heart rate sensor.

Of course, the device will come with a central module including the screen and start from $ 150. This module will find just enough to say that we have a smart watch on our wrist, and from here we can be us build us the features and functions of our device. The complete set of modules is valued at $ 330, although 150 will have a basic set that will allow us to start working with him.

Each additional battery module 100 mAh capacity adds to your smartwatch, the equivalent of half a day of autonomy

During this CES 2015 we have seen some prototypes of what aspires to be Blocks, a device that is currently competing to win the “Make it Wearable” competition organized by Intel and reward the most promising wearable with sufficient funding and pair put launch the project.

As a point from Gizmodo, the modular devices have had their main exponent on smartphones and more specifically in the Ara project that is currently held by Google.Undoubtedly, there is still much work to get something functional and, above all, attractive, although the idea is promising.