Module Catalog to Google’s Build-If Phone Is on Its Way

Work with online stores where you can buy modules for Google’s build-yourself-phone Project Ara, is in progress.

An important step towards realizing Project Ara, as Google’s build-yourself-phone-project is called, is that consumers should be able to buy the modules or blocks that will make up your phone. The stores are now under construction, at least digitally.

The company Globant is by working on a Web store that will sell modules for Project Ara-the phones, and the company Two Toasters should also work on a appversion of the store. Both companies have previously worked together with Google.

The store should get to look like Google’s own Play store, where there is room for ratings and comments. Instead of apps, movies, music, books and individual physical devices will only contain modules for Ara-the phones.

Google has also begun work on a new prototype of Ara-phone, which is significantly more efficient. The new prototype is built on custom-built chips, and so has the fortress of the modules also got an upgrade.

Project Ara is meant for a role that can appeal to the more environmentally conscious and economically conscious consumers. If you don’t feel you need a sharper screen or processor, but would like to have more RAM, so you only need to change a module and not a whole unit. It saves money but also the environment, since there will not be a need to produce as many components.