Monitor Your Weight on A Scale WiFi-iPhone, iPad and Android

Maintain a diet for weight loss is increasingly difficult in modern society. Their own electronic devices turn out to be villains in this story by making everything in life, avoiding the burning of calories in everything you can imagine. The remote control has always been the villain of this story to save hundreds of calories a day avoiding you to get up off the couch to change the channel on the TV. But if you think about it, the cell phone and all other communication technologies at a distance are even better in turn us into sedentary people.

On the other hand there are hundreds of applications for iPhone, Android and other platforms that are geared to monitor, measure and control the physical activity. Apart from the traditional applications for running, walking and other sports, a scale with WiFi connection has nothing in common, but is already on sale.

The balance Withings WiFi connection and has a couple application measure the weight and control faster and direct their efforts to lose weight or gain weight.

The application allows you to configure multiple profiles of people in the family, storing and creating graphs from your weight and other factors associated with it as the percentage of fat.

All data measured by the scale are transferred automatically to the internet, and can be seen on your iPad, iPhone, Android and also via PC.

Like the product? It can be purchased through the website of the Withings.