More and More Complaints about Mobile Carriers’ Marketing

In Norway complained that over mobile companies’ marketing of “free use” on the cell phone-which is not entirely free use according to consumers.

More and more Norwegian mobile operators use the phrase “Free factory” for their subscriptions in order to illustrate to customers that they can use the phone at a fixed monthly price freely. A trend, which is also under way on the Danish market.

The trend in Denmark started in earnest at the end of February, which the phone company 3, as the first telecom company in Denmark, was ready with new mobile subscriptions with “Free Speech”. Later also, our site fullrate composed a subscription with “Free Speech” and “free data”.

In Norway, there is, however, more and more customers, as complaints about marketing from mobile phone companies – for “Free use” is not completely free use.

Limits on data is not necessarily so “free”, as telecommunications companies get it to sound. We have also seen that in Denmark our site, for example, has only 10 GB of data with in their great subscription, when these 10 GB is used must be screwed firmly down to speed. While both 3 and Telia has 100 GB of data in their large subscriptions.

The Norwegian forbrukerombudet also tells that they have received a number of inquiries from consumers who respond to the telecommunications companies “free use” in marketing.

-“We’ve got more inquiries than previously from consumers who respond to the telecommunications companies are using” free use “in the marketing of different services,” says Technical Director, Petter Ravens Bay Consumer Ombudsman for our site.

About similar complaints will be submitted to the Consumer Ombudsman in Denmark remains to be seen.