Moto 360 Sports Watch Review

In addition to the new smartphone Moto X Force, has announced Motorola of also the release of Moto 360 sports for the January 2016. This, everything is designed to provide the clock which is necessary for the sport without having to have the Smartphone in your pocket.

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Thanks to the robust and yet comfortable design of the new Moto 360, sports can go up to the limit the workout, without having to do mind their own hours. The stable silicone design Wicks away moisture, does not bleach out, not discolored and provides with side vents for cooling. The integrated GPS Moto 360 works seamlessly body with Moto, to measure the sporting performance. It measures the distance traveled, speed, pace, and more. The Smartphone must be there to see exactly how a. Moto works with many popular Android fitness apps 360 sports, MapMyRun, under armour record, Milokopi fit bit or Runtastic. Moto body records the data and synchronized them directly with the apps, so the workout summary is always up to date. The heart rate monitor records the heartbeat while running continuously and thus gives the possibility to verify the performance. Moto body also measures the time the individual frequency bands, to be sure to achieve fitness goals.

Motorola’s AnyLight display is the world’s first hybrid screen that automatically adjusts the intensity of the ambient light. Inside, it works like a traditional LCD, it reflected outside natural sunlight, to improve readability in bright, sunny conditions. Thanks to the power of Android wear Moto 360 can be used sports every day and not just for sporting activities. E-Mail messages can be read as well as calendar entries. The responses via WhatsApp to friends, bringing traffic news, weather reports, and much more are possible, as long as your smartphone within easy reach.

Moto 360 Sports Watch

You can Google play music with Moto 360 sports synchronize playlists and podcasts. So music directly on the wrist can while running or in the gym are selected and played, without having the Smartphone here. Through memories important information and inspiration appear throughout the day spread. A weekly summary of training progress is sent by E-Mail or – more detail – Moto displayed body. At the ambient mode, the time is now always visible, yet the battery lasts a day according to the manufacturer.