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Determine the size of his motorcycle leather jacket

8 June 2012 by Zolki

You land in the biker world and want to buy your first motorcycle jacket in the store or you opt for change of your old leather! Make a choice of the most judicious, safe to say and all of the first, is not always simple “especially” among the jungle of jacket motorcycle proposed, which adds to a large range of different cuts and styles.

The right size!

The choice of the motorcycle jacket will be according to your body type, and default at the fair.(it is advisable to always take a more fitted size ‘too broad’). Be aware that over time, your leather will work and will adapt to your bust and your forms.

Otherwise, if you don’t respect this rule, your jacket to inflate of taking speed ‘unpleasant thing’, which will tend to cut the aerodynamics of your line and leading by the same occasion, a gene and a slowdown, with a catch in the wind.

In the summer, or during warmer periods, if you have a motorcycle equipped with a removable liner jacket, think to delete. (it’s also an opportunity to wash ‘attention to the thermo-foil liners’)
The thickness of the lining, depending on its making and its type: ‘jacket or vest’ with or without a handle, can be a minimal gain of measurements, but can eventually play on General fluency at the door. In all cases, it is important that your motorcycle jacket conforms to the best anatomical to your body.
If you do not opt for a purchase on the internet, ask the seller in the shop (it’s pretty cool he’ll leave you out of the store) the ideal is: sit on your wheels and make the test arms straight, hands on the handlebars, the result is final.

For larger sizes and templates out of standards or

For people with the stomach, it is often best to size up for reasons of ease. For the templates out of standards (large sizes, physical muscled, little biker… people) the basic reference must be your usual t-shirt size or shirt long sleeve, to check your arm length.

Protection and ergonomics

Your coverage at the elbows and shoulders (knowing that the ridge is optional, with a large number of manufacturer), must be properly placed and don’t cause any genes, because in case of a slip or fall all of the protective shells may have opposite effect, see inefficiency zero.
Logically the protections must marry the best joints, knowing that during the first outputs, you will not necessarily comfortable, but with time, you gradually adapt to your new motorcycle outfit and materials fully adjust to your morphology.

Internet purchase

If you have a tape (at least a meter of construction) measure around your chest, shoulder, waist width while the unit of centimeters. Take your measurements in being dressed ideally a medium sweater or a sweatshirt, then then the comparison with the array of size corresponding to the motorcycle jacket or otherwise, it is not available online, request an information of dimensions of the equipment concerned, by email, it stretched a mistake in their choice of size.

Foreign sizes

International and European sizes are not normalized identically, depending on the brand and the provenance of your jacket, the size may double or triple, from a French size. Note also that some countries or firm works in number from 1 to 5, or in bi-chiffre 44, 46…

So let’s take for example an initial index on a motorcycle jacket size size France.

France 0 (index base, benchmark)
Italy – 1 to 1.5 (smaller size see more smaller, especially in women)
Germany + 1 (size large, the Germans are known as costal)
USA + 1 to 1.5 (overweight and obesity)

Size Exchange

If you make a purchase of leather jacket on the itypeusa on a merchant site, you have 7 days for Exchange or refund of the product (out of port) and for a purchase on European site the return can be made in a period of 14 days.

Los of a store purchase, remember to keep the purchase invoice or receipt, for a refund or have, according to the store terms.