Motorola A1200e

Tech companies risked many times before breaking his hand with the smartphones and tablets. Have been several experiments with design and new technologies, some that were popular, and others that were not as popular as well. The Motorola A1200e was an example of different smartphone, and you had a good popularity.

Motorola A1200e

The Motorola a1200e is a mobile phone with touch screen and ability to use widgets. It is possible to synchronize Outlook e-maisl through and listen to music with the MP3 Player. Motorola a1200e camera is 2MP!

The Motorola a1200e is a small and very simple. Remember quite a V635 improved and lighter, despite having only a 320 × 240 display pixels. Weighs just 112 grams and allows you to record videos at 15 frames per second, the style “cell phone video. See for how the device, which still accepts memory cards:

With the tethered Stylus, attracted many businessmen A1200e. The design was already an important factor to attract a younger audience.

The “lid” of the smartphone, which acts as escutador cell phone deserves a great emphasis in the design of the device. At the time it was released, was a feature that has attracted many young people to buy the smartphone, because the pen stylus and touchscreen were resources that attracted more business people.

Compact, the Motorola A1200e had many features for the time of its release, and photos with an acceptable quality for smartphones.

The battery lasted until very well, with 7.5 hours of continuous conversation according to Motorola. Has bluetooh and entrance to memory card and pen to use the screen. Very simple and easy to use.

Editor’s Note: the use of the stylus pen on smartphones like the Galaxy Note II, shows that the trend started by Palm and continued in devices like the A1200e is still current. We will see how will be the future of stylus pens in next releases of major manufacturers.