Motorola Moto X Force Test

The Motorola Moto X Force holds the competition with a top performance in the test lab and attractive extras at a distance. A successful start to the year for the parent company of Lenovo, from which you can expect a lot 2016.

The Motorola Moto X Force shows: Motorola story is finally the price breaker era. The traditional Smartphone manufacturer, which now belongs to Lenovo, a furore an Android model for that time unbeatable value, which in a very short time, became a global bestseller 2013 with the Moto G. It has brought but worldwide attention, but generated little revenue.

Since then, Moto equipment climbing stages on the price spiral upwards. The Moto X marks the most recent peak force that forges ahead with a RRP of 700 euros into an altitude zone with particularly harsh climate-, here not much besides the noble smartphones von Apple thrives and Samsung. For a company without a premium brand essence, which was mainly in the boarding area and in the middle-class home, so a trip may be fire hazard.

Extras that are

Motorola has equipped but well the Moto X Force, to survive in the thin air. Design and workmanship meet the highest requirements, feel convinced, however, only for the model with leather backs that is 20 euros more expensive than the “normal” versions with a plastic or nylon back. You have a significantly lower grab quality – in our eyes too low for a 700-Euro Smartphone.

For this the first unique feature, with the waiting here is the Motorola Moto X Force from the competition can get: If you order the Smartphone directly from Motorola’s Web site, you can determine many housing elements according to a sophisticated modular system itself on the Moto maker and as a custom unique design.

Another special feature: The display glass is composed of multiple layers and to be particularly stable – Motorola is a guarantee for four years against breakage and cracks. A seductive offer, when you consider that display injury is the leading cause of defective smartphones.

Also if in the Internet numerous videos circulating in which, the Moto-X display survives the encounter with a hammer, you should let it not arrive, because the Motorola warranty does not cover natural scrapes and improper handling.

Strong image quality

The display of the Motorola Moto X Force shows 2,560 x 1,440 pixels 5.4 inch and thus offers a very sharp display. The luminosity is not intoxicating with 364 candela though, but for an OLED still in order. A slight yellow tinge is however we noticed, you can not even correct due to lack of adjustment options for the color temperature.

The processor of the Motorola Moto X Force suffice against again highest requirements: Lenovo opts for the strongest model variant of Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 810, flanked by 3 GB RAM. He drives very fast the system, what is also because that a sleek Android without profound adjustments of manufacturer is installed, which is an important prerequisite for rapid software updates. On the Moto X force because even the latest Android version 6.0 running Marshmallow – in this regard we must worry so.

We were particularly impressed with iPhone 6 s the quality of the 21-megapixel camera – despite missing image stabilizer – even in low light with the camera pros plus and Galaxy S6 can keep up with. However, the controls are manageable. And who is there, hid Motorola in an oblique circle menu.

Even with regard to the technical equipment there is air upwards, because radio and fingerprint sensor missing – both is simply in this price class.

Excellent reception

With a run time of 6:39 hours in our mix of uses the powerful 3760-mAh – is on although no endurance records battery, brings the Moto X Force, but loosely throughout the day. The acoustics is inconspicuous in a positive sense, the radio properties are outstanding by the Bank.


You remember it: much to criticize there is no end to the new Motorola’s flagship. Those who opt for this robust Smartphone, does nothing wrong.