Motorola Moto X Style in the Test

Motorola is at the Moto X style on pure Android, which is enriched with clever services. What is your impression leaves the 5.7-inch Smartphone in the test?

  1. Motorola Moto X style in the test
  2. Motorola Moto X style: features and camera performance

It is no surprise that a Phablet with 5.7-inch screen is anything other than a dwarf, easily slips into your pocket. But then you get a fright but when you style the Moto X for the first time out of the box. Firstly, because it is very thick to eleven millimeters, on the other hand, because it almost with 180 grams in the hand is.

How powerful Motorola here has built, plus shows a comparison with Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge: it also has a 5.7 inch display and is roughly as tall and wide, but only seven millimeters thick and 152 grams. The curvy design with a reverse to the edges down to 7.5 mm shrinks, but ensures, that the Moto style X seems not too clunky and despite the size well in the hand lies (even if a one handed operation is no longer possible). The frame is made of aluminium and is rounded at the edges, so that he passes fluently in front and back.

The material for the back has the buyer the choice of plastic, leather and wood with different grains and cutscenes, if he ordered the Smartphone the Motorola platform Motomaker. We have tried it and opted for a model with leather back, which although costs 20 euros extra, but is strongly recommended.

Because while wood and leather touch convincing in all respects, will we also present plastic version not do justice to the high demands associated with a 500-euro Smartphone. The processing is, however, perfectly on all models, only we’ve missed an IP certification. But in a Smartphone made of leather or wood water contact is already not a good idea.

Styling with the Motomaker

Motorola is the only Smartphone manufacturer worldwide, allows the broad end. Stand alone for the back, to each ten different colors to choose from four different leather and wood. In combination with three front or border colors and seven shades for the metal strip is a Moto X style while not unique, but so probably pretty rare. The buyer in addition has the opportunity to perpetuate with an engraving on the back.

You must not fear incidentally long delivery times, our test model was sent one day after the online order direct from the factory in the Chinese Shenzhen and delivered times three days later in Germany. If delays are anticipated at certain combinations of materials, you will be informed already during the checkout process on the website about. We take the hat off a logistics feat.

Convincing display and processor

The high resolution of 2560 x 1440 resolution yields 5.7 inch to an extremely sharp. Motorola relies on an LCD, which convinces in terms of luminosity (521 candela), viewing angles and color fidelity. The contrast of 1:868 is only average. Outweighs the good impression but, in sum, the display is top and clearly one of the strengths of the Motorola flagship.

Also to the system performance you must not worry. The manufacturer not opts for top processor Snapdragon 810, while Qualcomm’s but on the sister model 808, which sets the pace in the LG G4 (Test) . Six cores, which style the x up to 1.8 GHz are fast are its centerpiece. This whopping 3 GB are complemented by memory. Although not far to the front, the device is the relevant benchmarks but easy enough for everyday, all apps launch fast and even 3D games run smoothly.

Smart Extras

That the system runs so fast is because that Motorola Android takes over virtually unchanged by Google and only selectively enriched with own services and apps. Right up front, here is a digital assistant that responds to voice commands similar to how Apple’s Siri and answers simple questions. He leaves a strong impression, even if the interaction possibilities range not as deep as in iPhone and iPad. In a quiet environment, we could dictate a longer Whatsapp message without any problems and send without touching your phone. And if you ask it? Hello Moto what? s new?, it informs about all new incoming alerts.

While striking the enormous volume of the two stereo speaker on the front panel is located well above the average with 90 dB. Other Motorola Extras include intelligent situation profiles, which activate automatically on request and perform certain actions. In the profile? Driving a car? turns the phone as if it registers on the basis of GPS data that it moves at high speed. Calls and messages are then read.

Tough camera

Motorola uses Sony’s brand new sensor generation IMX230, which over a quick phase comparison autofocus is sharp and take photos with 21 megapixel photos in the camera. In addition to the fast pace of work convincing image quality, especially the sharp appearance. With the X style manages the US manufacturer, meanwhile, the crack in the camera – Oberliga to the iPhone 6 s, and Samsung’s S6 series belongs to Lenovo, for the first time. Can easily keep the unit in good light, even partly outperforms the mentioned models, poor lighting and demanding light situations the level goes down however, because the noise is more pronounced and the automatic mode is not always optimal solutions.

Still, The Moto X style delivers a strong performance here, also the 4K-Videoaufnahmen are excellent. However, we see improvement in the user interface of the camera that opens up not necessarily intuitive and requires a training.

Endurance mau, radio very well

The battery must come with 3000 mAh although the high resolution display is a power hog. The term disappointed accordingly: 5:33 hours in the connect using mix are a clear warning to intensive users who come with this Smartphone does not have the tag.

After all, provides a new Turbo charge mode ensure that the battery is again charged in less than half an hour from zero to 100? However, only with the supplied, rather chunky 25-watt power supply. The radio properties are outstanding as opposed to endurance in all three networks, the full score is either met or barely missed.


In the end, a strong impression, which however will be tarnished by weak run time and a not at all model variants convincing feel remains.