Motorola Watch Phones

After having unveiled practically every detail the expected Motorola G4 motorcycle over the last few days, directly from the Google account + of HelloMoto HK, the new Moto X and DROID 2016 take shape while waiting for the official presentation. Like every year, between the model marketed in the United States with the operator Verizon and the new Moto X, the design is usually quite convergent, a choice taken even with the new models, which as you will see from the images below, have much in common, from an aesthetic point of view.

Excluding small details, like the design slightly modified rear speaker, slightly more rounded front home button and the inscription on the back cover, the new Motorola DROID that will occupy the high end arise basically from the same layout.

Note how Motorola has opted for a very protruding camera module and a cutout at the bottom of the goal that would indicate the presence of LED flash, very similar to the line of their Motorcycle 360 smartwatch.

Volume keys and ignition would be placed on the right side frame, while the rear panel would appear in all variants, the speaker Grill, interspersed with some sort of copper-colored dots (found only on model Moto X) that could indicate some sort of brace for possible induction charging.

Finally, there is also a Central physical key with fingerprint sensor for detecting hidden inside, and a pattern for the back cover of Motorola DROID definitely very colorful and imaginative, indicating how even this year there will be several combinations and lots of cheap watch phones from the