Move Applications to Memory Card Automatically – App2SD

After upgrading the Motorola Milestone for Android 2.2 (Froyo), the main advantage of the upgrade proved to be also a bit annoying to use.

On Android 2.2 programs can also be installed on the memory card, unlike Android 2.1, where the programmes necessarily needed to be stored in the internal memory. On Android 2.1 this was a serious problem because it limited the amount of programs that could be installed. Now I use the version 2.2, I realize that various programs still do not support installation on the memory card. And how to know which program allows and which does not allow to be moved to the memory card –

Applications like App2SD enable the transfer of programs installed on your device’s memory to an SD card.

Application to Transfer Programs to the SD Card

One way to do this is to manually check each one and see if the option to move to SD card is enabled. The application App 2 SD monitors installed programs and let me know if you have any program in the internal memory of the phone that can be moved to the SD card, so you let in limited internal memory only the programs that may not even be moved to SD. plus 2 SD App allows you to clear the cache and data rescue programs on the phone , leaving even more free space.

Liked it? Then download the App 2 SD directly from Play Store and release the internal memory of your Android. The App2SD has paid versions and free. I use the free version that perfectly meets me. The difference between the paid version is that in the free version are displayed advertisements.

If you have a device with little internal memory, I hope this article will help you to be able to install more stuff on your phone!

It is worth remembering that for some models of phone it is necessary to format the SD card in the correct format for the application to work.