MSN for Mobile

Stay connected all the time on MSN on the phone using the data network of the company is the dream of many people. Be able to chat with friends or even use MSN professionally in any location can save a lot of time and money on phone calls or SMS.

Whereas mobile phones are becoming more powerful, even more than 8 processor cores, it was expected that most of the programs that run on home computers to work on mobile phones. MSN, replaced by Skype, was another one of those programs that can not miss on any cell phone.

Using Skype on Mobile

For many platforms there is the Skype to mobile. Android, Windows, iOS, all mobile systems has a Skype application. There are several third-party programs that also allow the use of Skype on the mobile phone. These third-party programs still use other chat applications next to Skype, joining multiple applications into one.

Microsoft replaced the MSN by Skype. Remember that any program that uses the Skype contacts can still be used as the client application.

Skype for Mobile

Almost all applications that were customers of MSN for Android, Windows, or iOS have been discontinued. Today you can use only the official Skype app for these devices. I use Skype on your smartphone because it is too heavy, and prefer other lighter applications, as the Hangouts or WhatsApp to chat via audio or video with other people. But it’s a little bit of personal taste, and you can enjoy the official Skype app, which has been the excellent MSN. Remember that Skype is a great way to save on calls via VoIP.

Like the tips? Which of these programs you use most? Do you have any preference? What could improve in each of them? What program do you use for video calling on mobile? Leave your opinion in the comments below.