Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista Test

Musical Fidelity offers its new nu-Vista-player as a superlative. Finest mechanics meets a strong inaugural converter and exotic tubes in the output stage – in short: top top quality CD player.

What are Nuvistors? A special Department of storm troops from “Star Wars”? No. Even some professionals among the connoisseurs of the tubes come in the socket. Nuvistors are tubes of holidaying. Developed they were towards the end of the 1950s, and had only a brief flowering phase. Who sees them, could keep them almost for something like electrolytic capacitors. A large glass bulb is missing, instead, they are covered with a small metal cover.

What developers and customers loved: these tubes were not the weaknesses of the design. You Ailing less on errors and scattering series, were not susceptible to Microphonics and remained stable over longer usage times in their workspace. In fact, they were super tubes. But unfortunately the first transistor circuits came up at the same time. The more recent displaced every good tube and outclassed them to the old iron.

A treasure with base

Who has Nuvistoren, guards them like a treasure. Antony Michaelson, Musical Fidelity, boss has amassed a very great treasure. He has hoarded around 23,000 Nuvistoren – and looking ahead as he is, also the matching socket. Of course not from itself: the small, thin tubes are supposed to benefit its electronic components – such as the brand new CD nu-Vista CD.

Who is prior to this work, first marvels over the weight: 19 kg are much for a seemingly simple CD player. Only if you look into it, discovered an elaborately encapsulated course on different controls – and dominant visible four Nuvistoren, which literally is Antony Michaelson and illuminated. In fact, the Quartet in single-ended triode circuitry in the output stage of the player works. The digital signal is converted a Burr Brown chip – 32-bit Delta-Sigma logic and x oversampling.

The drive itself can be unlimited refine musical fidelity from the Austrian supplier stream. The plastic tray is handsomely amplified and extended to two aluminum Struts. Overall, a venerable effort for a player that is offered to the proud price of 9500 euro. For this you should expect a lot: for example, as adding a double digital input (optical and coaxial), if you want to use the fast good conversion alone.

Experience scores

In particular, the ears can expect something. Not a superb sound must arise from sheer good, superb individual components. White also Antony Michaelson and invested much time always in the layout of printed circuit boards. For example, he recognized that not always the shortest signal path is the best: as if this two voltages come too close and rock to unhealthy capacity. The man is finally in the business for 34 years and knows the intricacies, even and especially with the perfect power treatment. Therefore, it provides the digital and analog paths not only about its own winding of the transformer, but in addition a separate Stabilization.

Much effort. And as sounds of Nu-Vista? Surprisingly different than expected. The construction and the prominently exhibited Nuvistoren, one should expect a certain characteristic of the tubes. So, a small, charming softener in the output stage. But the player is on the opposite side: his art lies in the maximum analysis. Exciting, what he read out is from the digital silver track.

A sophisticated recording here recently presented the label Pentatone: orchestral dance scenes in the early 20th century. With this: Dance of Salome by Richard Strauss (presented by the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, conducted by Kazuki Yamada). There it rages in the score: the big 80-man Orchestra to small flute solo.

The high art to depict the large and the small dynamic shades dominated the nu-Vista in our test. This is not an easy job. Grandiose, large-scale put the strings carpet and still did not neglect the fine woodwind phrases. Other players, even higher top, different Nudge here and there details with masking effects. An almost holographic figure brought a sound image of Nu-Vista to access into precisely.

Are there limits? Yes, one ultimate, depending on the angle of view: the nu-Vista is a pure CD player and reads no Super Audio CDs. So if you have a large collection of SACD, must feel neglected.

Fascinating velvety voice playback, however, on the way is who in silver discs only on 16-bit level, could here the bright one of the best players ever bask in. In addition to scores of Nu-Vista with a large-sized, two-line display: in the second line, it enumerates all tracks of the CD if it is encoded with CD-text.

But what about the Nuvistoren? Is there really no tubes-benefit on this player? Of course. The vocals had some fascinating velvety in our test. Big lays down a new CD by Stockfish of records in the stuff here: the legendary producer Günter Pauler a concert by Sara k. recorded – long did in 2001 in a small Club in the tranquil Einbeck. Now the first publication. That has what – in particular about the nu-Vista. How he extremely precisely formed the compact spatial and put to still the Velvet in the very close microphones voice. Additionally the impulsiveness of the strings cracked on.

In this recording, musical in-house nu-Vista showed every little fine dynamic dimension: a maximum of information. Even more: The mediated goose bumps -as she more rarely has arrived in our listening room atmosphere.