My Bra Size

The first thing is to know if you feel good in your lingerie. The perfect bra, that’s what we forget so you feel good inside!

Then, here are some tips to know if the bra size you have chosen is good:

  • Frames: they must surround the chest and stick to the skin.If the frame goes back and does not contain any of your chest, try a width under slightly larger chest.
  • The entre-poitrine has to be well placed on the skin, if it comes off, it is probably that the chosen model is too large.
  • Suspenders: they must not maintain any!To appreciate, try on the bra with the loose straps and observe if it is still. If this is the case, it is perfectly to your size.
  • If your bra goes back in the back or the frames back on the chest as soon as you raise your arms: it’s just that your straps are too tight.
  • Your bra yawning or made of the folds. You have chosen a model with a foam and your chest does not entirely meet, or you chose a flexible model that reveals the tricks: the hat is too large.
  • The underband leaves a mark or you mind: the bra is too small.Try the directly superior size. (if you do a 85B, try a 90A)

Voila, you know all about bra sizes.

  • To know your exact bra size (up & here), get your measurements directly in our size guide.
  • For advice on the shape of bra that would fit you best depending on your body, see our shape guide.
  • If you want to be sure I do not deceive you, create your account and we will recommend your size directly in each product, depending on the shape of the model.