My Dream Wedding: How to Choose the Best Dress?

Perhaps every little girl imagines how can one wear a beautiful white dress and marries her dream prince. In adulthood, it does not change much. All brides want to be the most beautiful! Choosing a wedding dress is therefore a crucial step, and future matron would have their choice should set aside enough time.

Trendy wedding dresses could be divided into two basic types. The first consists of bold, geometrically-cut dresses with clean lines. The narrow silhouette has a particularly elegant and is a great option for brides who want a wedding in a modern style. Contrast to operate in a second type of large, airy, draped models in which every woman looks like a fairy princess. An interesting new wedding dresses are knee-length or three-quarters calf that fits into the warm summer days. Very sexy acts as a mini dress combined with a long train. (Similar to those wearing a bride in a clip from the band Guns N ‘Roses November Rain. It is so clothed upcoming ever forget? Hardly!)

White is no longer the only

White wedding dresses are indeed still on the course, but a departure from tradition is not such fads as before. Popular color is purple, so if you want to be in, choose a dress or accessories in these colors. Very popular they are also wedding dresses and accessories in brilliant silver-gray or gold color. Sashes, gloves, corset burgundy in color, black, cream or blue will do in your robe original piece.

For those of you who are not indifferent to our nature, there is a trend called green wedding. Clothes and accessories in this case from are in harmony with nature and complemented by a variety of natural, mostly floral patterns.

Of course materials are in most glossy satin, silk, chiffon, tulle, and after a long break, returns to fashion and lace. Gowns are rich in ornaments, beads, rhinestones and embroidery.

Let your back!

Given that your guests and family will see during the ceremony behind, attention is turning to the back of the bride. In the course as a wedding dress with exposed, plunging neckline at the back and various jewelry.Unveiled back look is feminine and are also subtler than the neckline. One of the pioneers of this type of dress is a global designer Ellie Saab. So you can just inspire him.

To the bridal fashion is back and retro style, albeit to a lesser extent. Designers are inspired mainly in the formation of the twenties, fifties, elegant and wild seventies years of the last century. Beautiful are also simple satin dress in antique style complemented by a silver brooch.

Do not underestimate the situation

To make your D-day a lot of fun, you have to dress to feel good, hence know that will fit perfectly. Their selection can therefore leave plenty of time. Be sure to buy smaller that in the ceremony certainly lose weight. It may not be able to in fact, a whole big day finally spend the nervous control, if you nevykukuje something somewhere. But you ask, how to dress properly choose? Inspiration can be found in an article for the bride: Best wedding dress!

Every bride is beautiful, they say, but we all know that, so do not feel alone at all. When choosing, it is important to consider not only what you like, but especially if it’s for you and throws. And also the person who advises when choosing a wedding dress should have at least minimal experience with fashion. The most frequent adviser’s own mother or church friends. But if you want to be sure that you really go wrong, trust into the hands of a professional stylist!

When to visit a salon?

If you already know the wedding date, there is no reason to postpone a visit to the salon. If your date of marriage something interesting, you have to reckon with the fact that the preparatory steps you need to make sure in advance. Do not forget to take the salon and heels or shoes that match those that you want to put on the ceremony.

Many opinions: Which they pick?

One dress is prettier than the other, and you do not know which to choose? An appropriate solution is to ask, for example, consulting only her mother who knows you best and, of course, not in its interest to harm you in any way, or level of professional stylist or makeup.

Snow white or cream?

In the wedding salon enchants heap of beautiful fabrics. Various cuts, siding, necklines materials. First and foremost, then select the color you by matching the groom. If a cream suit, opt for creamy. If you’ve dreamed up a snowy trail, try as you sit. A few small but it is good policy to accept.

Bride with belly

In a state of pregnancy should be considered especially for the baby, to suffer and to be selected clothes feel comfortable. The advantage of a good bridal salon is that the clothes have a week or two before the wedding govern in peace. Not only because the bride can lose weight or gain weight. So always choose clothes that reflect this fact.

Slim and tall

Such a model does not figure each. Those that are among the chosen ones, usually have no problem with offering clothes. Beautiful will be draped from the rear, but also in simple without neck with a collar around the neck. You must take into account the size of the breast, or whether it fits corset, on hangers, others … are currently the most popular fairy corset dress. The top of the corset strapless lower part of the tastes of the wearer – fitting, frilled with lace, smooth … slender lady fits even dress like “Mermaid” – and narrow down from the knee extended.


If you are gifted with breasts that would help many women would envy, a strapless dress you will be right. During the day, especially when you dance you constantly check that you accidentally “did not miss anything.” And if you are getting married in a church, aesthetic and decent a veil in her bare shoulders or bolero that after marriage Strip. Content will also mothers and grandmothers would not have to offend.

Tattoos and rashes

Although the original tattoo showcase your personality, the bride should act gently and delicately. If you have a tattoo on his shoulder, you’d better choose dresses with long sleeves or three-quarter – not a corset. The problem with acne and various rashes on the back cover dresses. If you are getting married in the summer, when sun is necessary to think of it, so you are not left traces on the body after swimsuit. Soak up the sun so that the shoulders remain without unsightly white spots.

With the ring, without the ring?

It might seem unnatural to wear all evening slip ring that highlights the beauty of your dress and character. That has the most fabulous gowns. When the impression that look like cake and ill-you petticoats go, choose a narrow plain dress. The point is that you feel good in a dress.


An integral part of a wedding dress is a veil. It may have different lengths.

Veiling his face: He choose women who want to operate a romantic and mysterious. Only first married kiss reveals the charms of the bride.

Enveloping arm: This is the most commonly used veil that may be ruffled or smooth.

After palms: And this is a very popular, but it should not have women rounded hips, because the optically widening the silhouette.

After ground: Romantic veil that touches the ground, it goes to the dress without siding. Among the favorites are currently the Spanish veil (around the edges of a lace).

Long veil: Selects it mostly women who want to enjoy their day as a true princess. Drags along the ground, which before the altar on a red carpet looks really good.

But for the bride, who eventually chooses. The color should be the same as the dress.

Tradition is to carry on their wedding day something old, new, borrowed and blue. Old thing symbolizes parting with previous life, contrary heralds a new step into the new one. Anything borrowed highlights the friendship and calls to mind the at him. A blue? If you want a faithful husband, such blue garter under her dress you can not miss! The color blue is associated with spotless, faithful love.

Dear future brides! If you too are about to meet married life, you remember that more important than in what beautiful gowns are walking in front of the altar, is as always choosing a partner.