My Other Bag Is Chanel Jessica Kagan Cushman

You want to watch with irony to your “bags Park”? Here’s a nice proposal by Jessica Kagan Cushman. If until now you have welcomed the idea of communicating through your t-shirt, which thanks to the increasingly common claim allowed you to give immediate relief to your thoughts, and above all to make them public, you can not miss in any way the ski touring backpacks created by Jessica Kagan Cushman. Actually, the designer realizes this claim bag for a couple of years, but talking about these fashion that refer jokingly to the leading designers and the most popular accessories and above all fields are particularly eye-catching.

So after the first “satire bag”, so they are called “officially” these bags, “Black is the new black”, “I had the most terrible dream… i dreamed i was a plastic bag”or”This bag make me look rich and skinny “come those ironic about fashion. Made all in canvas, with different sizes and colors the shopper joke on some of the most famous and sought after brand of the moment.

“My other bag is Hermes” or “My other bag is Hermes” but also Gucci, Dior, Prada, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta. A way to live with irony their dependencies from big luxury brands, do not you? Perfect for the ‘summer, perhaps to go to the beach using the largest version, thanks to the 100% cotton fabric with which they are packaged. Bags “My other bag i ….” Are for sale on the website of designers and cost $ 45 (other versions of “satire bag” instead cost $ 70). It just has to choose the brand of your “other bag”.