Myths about Fitness You Probably Believe

So-called health and fitness experts are often spread nonsense. Not all fitness tips make their promises. Some myths about fitness.

Because of the problem zone training can be removed for a targeted fat

If you are phasing out the fat, it is always to be done anywhere in the body. But there are sites that refuse to lose fat. Genetic plan our body we can’t outwit.

Walk hurt legs

This is not true. Some bones are really responsible body weight with each step 2 to 3 times, but improves walking ability in the legs. Who runs regularly, also protect themselves for osteoarthritis. Do you have a long time the whole exercise, or if you are overweight, then start biking or Nordic walking. The legs then gradually get used to the load.

Practicing in the zone to burn fat, you lose the most fat

In fact, that the body at low load his calorie needs stronger silence through fat reduction, to spare their carbohydrate stores.
The more calories are burned, the less weight decreases. And the more and the longer the load, the higher the calorie consumption. Who wants to reduce, need a negative calorie balance, he/she must burn more calories than he/she gets with the food.

Who wants to reduce, serves until 2 hours after exercise is not eating

This myth has occurred due to fat loss is still two hours after training overtime. However, it cannot be changed, if you are in these two hours, eat or drink something. It is important to balance the calories: only the one who consumes more energy than they consume, the longer term will be slimmer.

Weight training makes women bulky muscles

No fear, women receive strength no figure of a bodybuilder. Growth of muscle is dependent on the male sex hormone testosterone. But women produce much of this. Through the training of the muscles present in the first phase, firmer muscles and thus a better figure. In addition, strength training is now well recognized, and inexpensive form of therapy and osteoporosis.

Magnesium is protected by the cramps

Cramps during training or competition points to a deficiency of sodium. Stop in the water bottle of a grain of salt according to the water bottle blog at

Not sports during menstruation

During exercise can also reduce menstrual periods, blood flow is promoted and thus solves the spasms in the muscles. Some women perform even better during menstruation.