Naughty Sneakers

In a well-known Czech song is sung: “Lawless sneakers I have bought me to feast my boy alone.” In my opinion, sneakers are not disobedient, but rather perfectly combinable. I will show you how to wear them. In addition to the variability sneakers indulge your legs with such comfort that they truly “world you walk the ropes.”

Sneakers are very fashionable this year. Today I introduce you to two representatives of textile sneaker, which popularly called “sneakers”. In forthcoming articles, you can look forward to classic, sporty sneaker models.

As the first model I chose a dark blue canvas sneakers with white rubber soles. You can find them here. Fabric sneakers than I prefer leather, because in them is not so warm. One model canvas sneakers we definitely should have in the closet, because they are very versatile, comfortable and spring are great. On these sneakers, I like a massive white laces, which fits in perfectly with white rubber soles. Rubber outsole absorbs shock when walking, so you in the shoe goes well, nothing you do not press and do not suffer leg. Textiles is firm yet flexible, because sometimes when I can not untie the laces and oblige to / from the shoes get even without a tie.

While the world wears sneakers familiar faces as well as evening occasions and outfitům such kostýmkům, I do not get such a stage yet. I dared not combine them with flexible dress. His first outfit I tuned into the blue, and I underlined on denim sneakers, I also chose a denim jacket, which is an absolute evergreen for several seasons and will be for a long time.

The second outfit is my spring classics, I wear it very often and I feel it really the best. Enlivening element are just sneakers in a distinctive red color. I matched it with the inside of her purse. Sneakers can be found at If you red too strong, you can choose from a subdued colors such as black, very fashionable dark blue or pink, which is incidentally one of the  colors for this year .

Footwear textile, equipped with the same color laces and rubber soles. Sneakers are cut wider. Appreciate it is also a woman with a very narrow foot. Will they sit perfectly and provide foot comfort. The rest of the outfit I chose simple – classic jeans in a baggy style, complemented by a simple white T-shirt and leather jacket, which is also one of my favorite people spring.

How do you combine sneakers? Do you like the first option, which requires more courage? Or rather, the second model, which is imaginative, thanks to small details?