Netflix Rejects Blocking Talk

There will be no blocking of the services that masking one’s position for Netflix, despite rumors to the contrary

From the United States said that Netflix was in the process of testing the blockage of the so-called Vpns which can mask one’s position, so you can change the content that will be offered by Netflix. It has, however, been out and deny even Netflix later.

VPN stands for ‘virtual private network’, and it can be used to get a service such as Netflix to believing that you are in another country. On the way to get content that is licensed to display in the United States, for example, even if you are in Denmark.

To our site says product responsible with Netflix’s Neil Hunt, to these connection error, which appeared through the use of Vpns are not due to extra blocking. Instead, it was due to the fact that Netflix changed some settings in order to provide a more stable experience in places where Internet is slow.

Neil Hunt tells that there is a so-called black list of IP addresses that will be blocked, but that most of the services that can mask one’s nationality is adept at avoiding smoking on the list.

Far from Netflix’ plan

On Monday, said Netflix to English The Guardian, that had not made any changes in the way it handles, but that one still blocks the Vpns, like we usually do.

Netflix has also in connection with blocking chatter in recent days stated that it is against Netflix’s terms of use to use a VPN to mask one’s country of origin.

The terms says: “You have to watch movies and television shows through Netflix service primarily in the country where you have created your account (…).” and that “Netflix uses technologies to verify your location.”

So it is not out of the question to use a VPN service or similar to mask one’s country of origin, but it is against Netflix’s thoughts behind the service.