Netflix Testing Solution to Countries Cheating

One can fool Netflix to believing that it is an ‘American’ as a way to get more content, but Netflix is testing a response.

There is a wide range of software and apps that can give you a different location in the world, than you actually have. On the way, a website or service, for example, believe that you are in the United States, and it makes many to get the American selection of movies and series on Netflix.

Netflix may, however, be on the road with a blocking access via these services, for many have told the site, that they have had problems with access to Netflix via these services such as TorGuard, which is one of the ways that tinkering with one’s location.

The popular streaming service is meant to test those measures, since not all users who have these problems. Some have also been given access to Netflix back, and the blockage has therefore been only temporary.

Pressure from producers

The reason that Netflix is looking at to block users who make use of this method to mask one’s nationality, is probably at the studios. The rights to show films and series are in fact negotiated individually for each country, and that is why the Committee varies from area to area.

The big studios will push Netflix to block the users who come from a country where a given film may not be displayed via Netflix, but uses a service to fool Netflix to believing that you are in another country — a country where the movie well must appear via Netflix.

There are still a number of apps and software, which has not been affected by this, but it can be a sign of more control from the Netflix page in the future.