Netflix Will Switch from Silverlight to HTML5

Movie service Netflix is considering to go on HTML5 for streaming rather than Silverlight from Microsoft.

Microsoft Silverlight in 2012 will finish their support for browser versions, which have gotten Netflix to consider HTML5 video as an alternative.

Netflix uses Silverlight to stream today on Windows and Mac, which they’ve done since 2008.

Last month, Google announced that Netflix is coming to the ARM-based chrome device from Samsung, which is seen as the beginning of HTML5 at the movies provider.

But before Netflix can drop-down wide out requires the so-called HTML5 Premium Video Extensions, which includes DRM encryption ring – and a variety of techniques that can encrypt the stream between a Javascript and Netflix servers, writes our site.

When cryptography extension rolled out widely to Google Chrome, will Netflix start and test the HTML5 player on Windows and OS X.