New Apple Headquarters More Expensive Than Expected

The upcoming Apple Campus 2 will be far more costly than expected, but also the building process is delayed.

Apple’s new headquarters, the Apple Campus 2, will be much more expensive than expected. The total cost of the new headquarters in Cupertino is increased from three to five billion dollars, which is equivalent to about 30 billion dollars.

It is Bloomberg Businessweek, which can tell you that the square meters-the price of the new construction will be around 8,700 Danish kroner, which is three times as much as typical office buildings in major us cities. Apple is trying, however, to reduce the price by 5-6 billion dollars. It writes our site.

It is Apple’s deceased founder, Steve Jobs, who received the prize in the weather with its high demands on the materials. Everything must be polished, and there is almost no fugninger in the walls, the best quality wood to be used for the spaces and the whole building should be covered with six square kilometers of curved glass.
Also, it was Steve Jobs himself, who presented the building plans at a City Council meeting in Cupertino on 7. June 2011, which was one of the last times he appeared in public before his death. Steve Jobs himself has described the construction as “the world’s best office building”. You can view a video of the presentation at the bottom of the page.

Several architects, however, does not agree. They believe it will isolate employees and groups instead of bringing them together. They accuse Apple of that only to think of the building’s appearance and aesthetic design, rather than its practical function. The building can thus be said to reflect on Apple products, it is nice and unique – but also closed and not quite inviting.

It is not only the price that does not match with the expected. The building according to the original plan have been completed in 2015, but now it seems the first ready in 2016. But the start of construction is also delayed until the end of this year or perhaps 2014 — rather than as scheduled in 2012.

How to become a building

When the building sometime will be finished, so there will be room for 12,000 employees and to save space, then there are also created an underground parking garage in two floors, where there is space on each floor to 2,300 cars.

There must also be built a parking garage with space for 4,300 seats – above ground. Just as there is a private fitness center, power plant (which must provide the building with energy with environmentally-friendly energy sources),

Apple Campus 2 must be built on an area of 70 hectares, which previously belonged to the Hewlett-Packard (HP). And it is the British Star architect Norman Foster, who designed the building.

For that there must be room for building more public roads must also be laid on, as well as to be felled 3,400 trees – subsequently however, planted new trees-which, among other things, 6,000 will be on the park-like area, which brought in the middle of the round building – there is no access for the public.

You can look at drawings and pictures of the Apple Campus 2 here.