New Nokia Lumia Phone Launch

Nokia is already dead, said yes by many, even though you probably never really could complain about the quality of the mobile hardware. Not for nothing, the Internet memes to the Nokia 3210 and is paved to its indestructibility.

Problem was the in-house operating system Symbian, which now, little by little, will be replaced by Windows for long time. Of course, this has the advantage of automatically having a complete integration with Windows 8 and all new features of the Xbox, which were announced.

There were advantages and differences of Lumia 800 and Lumia  900. There was also an insight into the Nokia’s own services.

What is striking first is of course that the 900 is larger than its predecessor. 0.5 inch display is very noticeable in your hand. In addition, the flaps are up, having hidden SIM card and micro USB slot at the 800, fallen away. There, customers had feared they could break off.

What is most striking is the missing rounding of the 900 in contrast to his little brother. They explained that this had to do with the tension of the glass, which could lead to lighter fraction from the larger area.

But also with the software, Nokia tries to convince Windows phone in addition to the operating system. So there is gimmick that shows you the “points of interest” in the area to such a small augmented reality. Sure, you’ll never need that and there is absolutely nothing new. But implementing this, without an app download, is very useful. Then there are reviews that show you the attractiveness. Here it cooperates with Qype.

In addition,  Lumia can be used as Navi, in which one is cards downloads, then offline, leading to the destination only thanks to GPS. They are available as an app for other systems, and that makes it easier.

Lumia has a function that already a little longer for all Lumia customers, but should still be mentioned, music. A streaming app, FM, in the style of last. You customize your playlist and then listen to a radio according to your music taste. “Skip” is allowed only 6 times in an hour.

As a diehard Apple user, Nokia has convinced people here at least by their Lumia and Microsoft will still further progress their system integration. It can always be nice for Nokia smartphones.