New, Stricter Requirements for iCovers

If you will be approved by Apple to make covers for iPhone, iPad and iPod, so are the requirements been stricter.

Apple has their own program for approved manufacturers of accessories for their in-products by name ‘Made-for-iPhone/iPad/iPod’, abbreviated MFi.Will you do covers under the program, then the requirements for safety have increased.

In addition to being able to call themselves approved by Apple, so you can as part of the program also receive technical assistance by Apple and other benefits, and it is on that basis, Apple demands.

The new requirements include that a iOS device with an approved cover must be able to cope with a fall of 1 meter-completely without damage. This applies regardless of the direction, the device falls into, so also if it falls with the glass front.

In addition, Apple has required that the glass must be protected, when for example an iPhone is with the glass down. This can be done either by covering the glass or to give at least 1 mm air from the glass to the surface, so the cover must protrude at least 1 mm out over the phone.

Also the environment will benefit from the new requirements, since Apple has banned the use of a variety of materials in the production of products under the MFi programme. Among the banned materials are among other phthalates and formaldehyde.