New Wimp Application Ready for Android

WIMP has just launched a new and updated the Android version of their application that contains several new features.

Music service WiMP has just launched an updated Android version, which includes new features – that helps you discover new music on your mobile phone.

The new features are, among other things, that there is now a genre pages, album booklets, track and artist-based radio as well as an overview of Wimp compiling albums and playlists.

-“We believe that the new genre pages will become popular because it is easy to flip through them and discover new music targeted user’s preferences,” says WiMPs Danish editor Jonas Kleinschmidt in a press release.

The track-and artist-based radio must provide users with more of the music they like. When a song is playing, a track based radio is selected, then the player-related numbers. Similarly, the artist radio will let you discover new and similar artists.

-“We believe, that this feature will help users to discover more artists and to get tips, in addition to the editorial,” says Jonas Kleinschmidt.

Android update also provides access to all lists on your phone.

-“Many users store hundreds or thousands of items in the offline mode, so as not to be dependent on access to the network, when to listen to music. If one replaces his phone, it is cumbersome and time-consuming to restore music library. A new, automatic function remembers your offline-history and makes it possible to restore this on the new phone, “says Thor Martin Jensen, spokesman for WiMP.

It is also possible to store offline-music on the SD card to store even more music than they could have in the past.

You can download the Wimp free in Google Play Big. Subsequently you can Wimp free for 7 days, then you will need to subscribe-just as it is also known from Spotify.