New Year Traditions: Red And Yellow Lingerie

To attract good fortune in the coming year there are thousands of cabals, traditions and superstitions. Jumps in the left foot and step with the law when they give 12 to enter the new year, runs around your street with a suitcase for a trip be sure, pulls a bucket water out the window to dismiss the bad vibes, eat twelve grapes and usa lingerie red and yellow to make love and money. All very entertaining, traditions or sympathies of new year’s Eve have become a tradition in themselves in the majority of households. We know a little more about fun cabal to use linen colors to attract what more we want.

Red for love and passion

As in the case of the Christmas tradition of giving a pink panty for the same purpose, the origin of this custom of using sports bras to attract love and renew the passion in your life is quite uncertain.

Many say that its origins have root in some period of the middle ages, when red was completely banned since it is associated with blood, the devil and all kinds of witchcraft (someone remembered the movie “The Village”?).

Indeed, it is said that up to the cultivation of flowers, fruits and vegetables of this color was completely prohibited.

Also says that little by little the color began to take another meaning related to the life and good luck and many began to use that vivid color hidden under their clothes.

Yellow for prosperity

Many countries in Latin America such as Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and Mexico also adds the custom to wear underwear in yellow color to ensure both good luck and prosperity.

Again, the origin is uncertain but many relate it with the Sun, worshipped by the Incas and Aztecs as by the Celts and other cultures. Also relates to that yellow is the closest thing to gold color and there may arise the reference that you will get more money and prosperity wearing yellow lingerie.

A fact: so the “spell” effect lingerie should to reverse earlier of the twelve chimes and then to change it to the right.

I forgot it! In both cases (red and yellow lingerie) the article must be given and not bought by oneself, although in many cases this detail has already stopped importing.

I want it all

And what happens if I want it all? Desire love and prosperity for the new year, how do combine?

So don’t have to give up anything this night of new year’s Eve, I recommend a combination. Although it is quite difficult to find a panty that combine both colors, I recommend you visit lingerie shops with time or try the search for lingerie online. Perhaps you can find the treasure.

In the unlikely event that you don’t find one you can include other pieces of lingerie to the tradition (as it is done in many countries) and make a combination of items in both colors to meet all the wishes. A red panty and a bra yellow (gold can be an interesting variation to yellow), a red bra and a yellow panty, panty yellow and a red League, parts with prints that combine both colors, etc.

You can also match you with your partner and choose one color each one to achieve the effect altogether. If you are a man and want to comply with the tradition, today it is much easier to find different styles of men’s underwear in red and yellow.

And remember, this only once in the year, no matter if the yellow or red is the color right for you. Just do it for fun!