Newborn Baby Pajama

In our small guide preparations for birth, today we make a point on the Pajamas of birth. How to choose it? With or without feet? Cotton or velvet? Issues stuck in your head of expectant parents when they are preparing for the arrival of baby and conscientiously follow the list given to motherhood to prepare the famous suitcase!

And then it’s true that we want this first Pajamas or soft, light, Nice… This is the first garment that will focus our Marvel still!

Not to mention that it is a garment that will be worn a LOT, at least for the first 8 days before moving on to more “formal” “outfits” Well, after that depends somewhat on each parent… some like to wear baby long the comfortable night and day without necessarily going to more elaborate outfits and else (like me in fact…) very quickly distinguish day and night and don’t keep Pajamas for the nights with more dressed clothes (but still very comfortable and easy to put on of race!) for the day : leggings, harem pants, stylish blouses, bodysuits, dresses + legging…

In any case and whatever your style, Pajamas birth is essential and must be in your keychain to maternity.

It will choose a comfortable Pajamas birth (rather adjusted otherwise feet won’t get to the end of the pyjamas!), easy to put on: with an opening from the front with pressures to the inside leg for an easy change.

The choice of material is also important: a soft and organic cotton Pajamas, it’s ideal. Born in cotton Pajamas Pima, for example, always preserve her skin, and her body temperature.

In France, we love integrated Pajamas birth to feet, it avoids the question of too cold little feet… The Nordic countries have a preference for the version without feet and are full of ideas for the slippers and socks must be found to complete!

Velvet is also a star for the birth, summer and winter. So it’s true for the first birth room Pajamas Pajamas birth in Velvet or sponge will be always selected in all seasons. In the summer for the days following Pajamas in cotton will be sufficient even if Complete with a wrap or a brassiere birth to allow regulation of the body temperature of the early days.

Here we have a big crush on the collection Limo Basics and basics of birth in two parts (not to the birth room but rather for the following days): pants with feet and wrap. All those who have tested them wanting more in size at the top (promised promised it will soon offer larger sizes on the site!).

1 2. 4 5. Our basic Limo Basics available at retail or in all the Sweetcase packs

For a colorful summer and year-round too! Sweetcase offers birth Pajamas sparkling and delicate. Green, pink orgray, you are spoilt for choice! Birth in velvet or cotton pyjamas on foot or not, basic or more sophisticated, they are perfect for the summer, but also for the winter.

Pajamas birth practices, trends and comfortable can dress baby in its early hours and for long nights!

1 2. 5 Pajamas Kidscase selected for the first months of baby

3 4. small casual outfits and practices Kidscase who can quickly replace the Pajamas!

To complete the collection of pyjamas birth because finally you never have enough! Here is our selection of Pajamas birth chic and original.

Pretty Pajamas at Maravilla

The exceptional collection of for baby pajamas and maternity clothing to the forms and materials, original and comfortable! We love!

Come on now you have all the keys to choose and then feel free to take advantage of the balances to complete the keychain of the essentials with a few favorite parts < 3